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#HeartThobe Campaign

The Palestinians have been living under suffocating siege, facing intimidation and hardships for over 50 years. Many were forced to flee and they are currently living as refugees in neighbouring countries. The Khoyout Factory in Lebanon employed Palestinian women and they create exquisite traditional Palestinian thobe (embroidery) dresses. Your donation will support the Palestinian women’s efforts to earn a living and build a better life while creating awareness on the dying embroidery art and help preserve it for future generations.

Deal of the Century

The US President D. Trump had announced a proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace plan on 28 January 2020. The Trump peace plan, officially titled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to improve the lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People”, was formally unveiled during a White House press conference in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu. No Palestinian authority was invited for negotiation.

The Trump peace plan was rejected by both the West Bank settlers’ Yesha Council
and the Palestinian leadership: the former because it envisaged a Palestinian state,
the latter arguing it is too biased in favor of Israel

About 30% of the West Bank area, including the local art and culture is under serious threat of eradication

Campaign Organisers

Schlüssel is a social impact consulting firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We identify our clients’ strengths in their respective industries, and offer advice on how the clients can give back to society and bring positive impacts on their community.

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Malaysian Women’s Coalition for Al-Quds and Palestine (MWCQP) is a coalition of 17 NGOs from all over Malaysia, founded on 13 January 2019. The first elected President of MWCQP is Dr Fauziah Hassan who will serve for a minimum of 2 years (end term 2021).


Liberation of Al Quds and Palestine


Engage and empower Malaysian women in unified global efforts to liberate Al Quds and Palestine

For more info please visit MWCQP and ApWCQP websites.

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